Saturday, February 15, 2020

Camping in two places at once

Wednesday my lovely wife and I camped at two places at once. We had plans to run up to St. Augustine to meet up with my sister-in-law. By the time we found out she couldn’t make it, we’d already booked a night at the state park.

Only one night was available. Tearing down and setting up and tearing down and setting up . . . Yeah, that gets old. Then there’s towing the boat all over the place. It’s kinda a pain at times. At that point we had a bit of a brainstorm. My lovely wife extended our stay at Salt Springs. The big tent and the boat could stay right where they were. Our little tent was fine for one night at the state park near Saint Augustine. It worked out just fine.

The current plan is to stay at Salt Springs until Monday. After that, we will be winging it again. Stay tuned to find out where we end up.

In other news, I see the coronovirus is affecting the global economy. It’s bad enough that car and computer parts are not available due to Chinese plant closings. What’s really scary is that China makes an awful lot of pharmaceuticals. If that pipeline shuts down people will be hurting. If? When?

Experts warn that this pandemic could infect up to 70% of the world’s population. That’s a scary big number, but the big question: How bad will the mortality rate be? What percentage of those people won’t recover? Interesting times.

Probably the smart thing would be to hunker down in our place in the woods. What fun would that be? Instead we are traveling all over the place, meeting interesting people. What good is an immune system if you don’t use it?



  1. So far, the mortality rate is said to be 2%.

    1. It's really too early to trust those numbers.

  2. 2% is a highly questionable and dubious figure. With China and the reporting numbers they provide, I doubt that 2% is accurate. It might take months before we truly know the case fatality rate. I trust WHO as much as I trust China. Consider...if you trust stats...over 1700 medical professionals..professionals, those knowing the risk and wearing the protective gear, have contracted this and some are dying now. ??? Question everything you hear.
    And Six is right..85% of are drugs..OTC and antibiotics, are made in China. Hmmm.
    If you are able, stock up on everything you can now.
    As I said before Six, you have a ton out here that have your six. Not a pun.

    1. Governments and agencies have good reasons to lie about this disease. Don't make plans on their advice.

      Appreciate all of you who have my back.

  3. Copied from Zerohedge article comment.

    Update: Please watch. It's longish, (1hr,12min), but it does cover what is happening and where this is more than likely going. Share with others:

    China Coronavirus: Tough Realities & Possibility of Global Pandemic—Epidemic Reporter Laurie Garrett

    People, especially in the west, just don't get it yet. COVID-19 is the world changer, the reset of civilization. This bad little piece of manufactured bug is in the process of wiping out the whole Chinese economy. Because China is the start of 70-90% of the world's supply chain, most countries' economies and supplies are going to evaporate.

    Ask yourself this:

    1.) What do I use every day/week/month that I cannot live without and has any part of its supply chain anchored in China?

    Well, that ****'s going away. And not for just a week, or a even a few months. It's going away for in all likelihood a couple of years at least.

    2.) What do I buy/eat if the local grocery stores are all closed? How long can I go without being able to shop at one?

    A chain, they say, is only as strong as its weakest link. The supply chain that puts food in your local grocery store is built on so many supply chains that it would boggle your mind. Truck parts, refrigeration pumps, packaging machines, plastic wrap, the list goes on and on. All of it is going away.

    3.) How cheaply are you willing to work?

    Figure out what you think your "price" is, and then ask yourself why any manufacturer would produce anything if their product, from gasoline to chick pot pies. The moment they can no longer produce at a profit, they will shut down.

    4.) When you believe, rightly or wrong, that in leaving your home to work/shop for food could be a death sentence to not only you but to those you live with, and any of those people's departure from the house could mean the same, what would you leave your house for?

    This is the thought process that will paralyze all society. Once people realize that this beastie has a window of being asymptomatically infectious, (super spreaders), for up to 24 days, and that if you happen to get it and beat it, you have just as good a chance to catch it again, and that the second time it has much better odds of killing you than it did the first time. What are you leaving the house for again?

    The folks just do not understand it yet. But they will soon.

    1. I don't have the bandwidth right now to watch it, darn it!

      Scary stuff. I'm watching to see how it sorts out, but the potential is really bad.