Friday, February 7, 2020

Weather Event

The weather folks predicted a rough night last night -thunderstorms with high wind, rain, and possible tornadoes. We spent it in the tent and we got lucky. No tornadoes and the tent held up to the wind and rain. If there had been a tornado we were instructed to take shelter in the bathhouse as it's well built and has no windows.

Just another day of fun filled adventure.



  1. Yup , ripped down the umbrella that serves as an awning on the shed.
    All else is cool tho. Only got wind in the mid fifties...

    Started the ceiling project in the living room. Say goodbye to the open beams.
    Kinda overdid my twenty pound limit , moving stuff. Been staring at that crap for over five when you're injured and can't do stuff !

    Thought about y'all as I was tying crap down yesterday...

    1. You've got to learn to pace yourself. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too badly.

      I got less wind than you this time. Didn't even pull out any tent pegs. Guess I'm living in a state of grace. :)