Saturday, February 29, 2020

Grid Down

My local electric company sends e-mails when the grid goes down. That doesn’t do anybody any good if they need electric power to get their e-mail, but there you go.

Apparently the storm has hit my home area pretty hard. I’ve been getting e-mails from them about the power going down, coming up and then going down again. Sounds nasty.

Of course, this doesn’t really affect me while I’m traveling down here in Florida. New Hampshire snow storms are far away. A lot of people keep the heat on when they travel south for the winter. That has always seemed like a waste to me. Then there’s always the chance of power going out and their houses freezing anyway. Better to have the plumbing drained and the house winterized to survive without power.

It doesn’t even take a power outage to freeze a house. The furnace could fail, a not uncommon occurrence. Sometimes there’s a snafu with the fuel delivery company and the furnace just runs out.

When I get these little notices from the power company, it reaffirms my decision to properly winterize the house before heading south for the winter.