Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Tear down and set up

We’ve had a busy few days. After 14 days at Alexander Springs we had to move on. Our camp got more elaborate during those weeks. Tear down took a while. Then we drove a few miles down the road and set up at Lake Dorr. People have been telling us we should check it out so we booked one night there.

Rather than go through an elaborate set up of our big tent, we pitched the small tent instead. Then we only took enough stuff out of the Blazer to get us through one night.

While there we had a pleasant surprise. A Cajun friend we made two years ago was driving around the campground and recognized us. It was great to catch up. When he has some time off he hopes to get together with us where we are camping now.

This time we set up the big tent as we expect to stay in this campground for 8 days.

One thing about towing a sailboat. It seems there’s always a fellow sailor who has to come over and talk sailing. I don’t mind that one bit. As soon as I pulled into the area where boat trailers are parked a guy literally ran across the campground to talk sailing with me.


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