Friday, February 28, 2020

More Coronavirus Concerns

A friend up in Maine has already noticed supply disruptions caused by the coronavirus. I’m camping out in the woods right now so my shopping has been limited. Everyone has heard that surgical masks have been in short supply, but he noticed issues with OTC meds and paper products. It’s not a critical shortage yet, but some brands are just gone.

My first inclination is pull up stakes and head back north to home. However, that’s not as easy as it sounds. My part of NH just got buried in another snowstorm. It would take a lot of work to get to the house. It doesn’t have any heat on and the water’s been drained. The original plan was to wait until the snow had melted before going home. Also, it could use a heating oil delivery. Once the place is warmed up, it would take a lot of effort to get the water flowing again. Everything is harder when the ground’s still frozen.

In the short term the plan is to continue with our southern trip, but we are going to keep an eye on events. My main concern is that there would be restrictions on travel making it difficult to get back.

This sort of thinking might seem like an overreaction, but I don’t think so. This sort of disease could very quickly overwhelm our ability to handle it. Heck, we can’t even keep the normal flu from killing thousands of people.

We prepare for unlikely events all the time. However, this looks like it’s going to hit pretty hard. For me, the big question is when.



  1. Everything's going to be fine.

    Look, Mike Pence is on it.

  2. I feel your unspoken concern is for your lovely wifes' medications. Look into Esential oils at health food stores near you. Thieves, Thyme, Lemongrass, Clove, Lavender, etc. All anti viral,antibacterial,anti fungal.
    Also asking Yahweh for isn't as smart as he thinks he is...Look at the mess he has built. I can help with food and ammo but meds are limited.
    And although Pence is involved, he is with the guvmint and you MUST not trust them....humor aside, their NOT out for your best interests. Question everything they say...three times.

    1. While some alternatives help, none work nearly as well.

  3. Stick with your plan and go home when the snow is gone. You're probably safer in the woods because of low people contact.

    1. We avoid a lot of people, but still have contact with crowds for groceries and such.

  4. I bought, on Amazon, a ten pack of N95 masks about a month ago. $18.
    Same item now is $110.
    Anything the govt says...believe the opposite.

  5. I agree with another comment to stay where you are. You have the benefit of better sunshine (Vita-D) and fresh air. You will always have crowds somewhere and I'd bet the warm moist air will protect you better than cold dry air. As an aside, if and when you travel, do your best to have enough food to sustain you so your stops are of a limited nature.

    That said, deaths from flu this year vs corona virus in the US are what, 5000/0??? I'm prepared, calm and I'll get concerned when the Dem candidates and Trump start to shut down their rally's.

    It's like I have trouble believing in GW when Mr. Gore and President Obama both bought big ocean front houses and fly private planes. I'll believe the stuff they are saying we should do when THEY DO what they tell us we should all do.

    PS Don't get me wrong, My house is grid tied but has a full roof of solar panels. I'm doing my part.

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