Thursday, February 6, 2020


It was a good day. The weather got into the 80s. I finally got around to installing a transponder in the sailboat for the depth gauge. In the afternoon my lovely wife and I went snorkeling in the springs. Florida is blessed with numerous natural springs and swimming in them is always on my to do list.

My contact with the news lately has been pretty spotty. However, I see the president has been acquitted. Anyone else curious to see what the witnesses would have had to say? What are the Republican Senators trying to hide? Just wondering.

On the other side of the aisle the Democrats are in disarray. The Iowa caucus has turned into a mess with questionable results. Well, that’s the caucus system for you. NH’s primary is just around the corner. That usually brings a a reshuffling and the end to a number of campaigns.

The coronovirus continues to spread. There are some scary stories coming out of China. Tales of greater repression and hidden massive cremations of victims. This is starting to look a lot like a pandemic. Might be a good time to assess your personal response to potential issues.

On the road we don’t exactly carry a years worth of food. We have a certain amount of dehydrated meals. They don’t take up much room and are quick to prepare. One of the things we’ve been doing lately is building up our cash reserves once more. We depleted them more than we were comfortable with.

One threat you probably aren’t too aware of is the possibility of a satellites colliding with each other. Such a crash could create an expanding debris field that would then take out more satellites -and so on and so on. The odds are very high that nobody will be physically injured by the debris. However, with enough satellites down banking would be crippled. Some communication would still be possible through landlines, but at a greatly reduced volume. We’ve really become dependent on our robots in the sky.

The real threat would be to the military. They would lose their eyes in the sky. A huge amount of intelligence is gathered from above. Also, the military needs satellites for everything from communication to navigation to directing bombs.

Why am I concerned about that right now? This month there’s a higher than normal chance of collisions taking place in space.

All in all, I’d rather not deal with this stuff and go swimming.



  1. All in all..I agree I would rather not deal with it either. Many more positive things to dwell on, but one eye peeled as they say.
    The Senate did their job. Their ONLY duty is to judge the case they were presented with. NOT in their purview to conduct a 'Trial" as impeachment is a political process. The House presents it's case with all supporting documentation. The Senate listens as that case is outlined to them. NOT their responsibility to deviate and call witnesses or expound on that case. House had it's chance to flesh that case out. Then with that done, the Senate decides if that case bears merit. It didn't. didn't. Heresay is just that...I can say anything about anyone. Dosen't make it true. And Lord knows there's enough haters out there you can find anyone to do that. Go back and do it again...correctly this time. If they can. Just because you don't like a man or his manner is not cause for what's been going on. Waste of time/money. And people are getting fed up even more with the guvmint.
    The same bozos that want to control everything for you. You all being inept and all.

  2. I figured if 2 1/2 years of Mueller investigation didn't find anything worthy of indictments, this impeachment would not either. I wonder if ANY of our other candidates could have the same investigations into their recent past wouldn't dig up a few 'Ooopsie !' findings.

    The House were the police investigating the crime, the Senate were the judge of the facts dug up. Evidence (not hearsay) was judged. I doubt if a single vote cast would have changed from before the impeachment. Political theatre creating methane, all it was. I would be relieved its over, but the election is just cranking up.

    Glad to hear your sailing adventures are going well. I hope you and wife and having a great time.

    China flu - I'm worried about medications being shipped from there could be delayed big time. Glad I have 90 day prescriptions. No time to be pharting around with that !

  3. And you've heard about the air flight to Taiwan that China salted the passengers with 2 virus infected passengers ? Check it out. And all the cruise ships to Japan quarantined with ever increasing positive tested passengers confined to the ships? And the 5 "hospitals" china built that are actuslly maximum security prisons??
    What !! me worry ??