Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Down the Road

Our time at Salt Springs had come to an end. We left with no reservations lined up for our next site. In a way, it kinda feels like being homeless.

Once again, we took a chance and tried for a first come, first served site. This time it was at Juniper springs. We got there and only one site was left. It’s a good site and we are happy to be here. The place is another beautiful spring and I’ll be snorkeling sometime today.

It was only about a 20 minute drive and that’s fine with me. The less we travel, the less gas we burn and the more time we have to actually camp. We are also saving some money by staying at Federal Campsites as my lovely wife gets a half priced discount.

I have some long overdue business to do on the computer. This is as good a place as any to get that done. Of course, it’s not going to be all work and no play.

We are booked here until the end of the month. On the first of March a new company is taking over the park so we can’t stay any later later than the end of February. These parks go up for bid and you never know which company will be in charge of which campground. I think it would make sense to have Forest Rangers run the place. It would bring some much needed stability to the system. Our national lands belong to all of us and shouldn’t be set up as money making operations. They are a public trust and should be managed by the public. Just my opinion.



  1. Agreed on the Rangers, but the feds are "saving money" by not paying them.

  2. Hey sixbearsinthewoods. I live not far from juniper springs an want to pass my number along... If you need a place to stay for a bit, or leave the boat I'm near moss bluff. Got 3 acres, a horse, couple dogs, goats chickens... Country gal. At the risk of putting my number out there... It's the local area code eight one two three o-o three. I only take texts... Talk service is iffy. I work thurs-sun nights... Tues an wed's off.... You can stay anytime but first meeting best when I'm home... obviously!
    Annie in ocala

    1. Thank you Annie. That's a very kind offer. Would you like me to delete your post to remover your number?

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    1. Okay. Will delete.

      It was a bit chill to be tenting.