Sunday, February 23, 2020

Self Care

I was talking to a buddy of mine on the phone. He just had his much dreaded annual checkup. The guy had been concerned about his blood pressure. At his last visit they were talking medication to keep it under control. My friend really hates to take meds. With that in mind, he made some changes in his life.

Diet? Exercise? Nope. He did two things. He limited the amount of time he spent following the news. While he didn’t go on a total news blackout, he cut way back and basically skimmed the headlines. The second thing he did was avoid his step-father. The old man has terrible politics and wants to inflict his opinions on everyone else.

Apparently those two things worked as his blood pressure was excellent.

You might be interested in his plans for a coronovirus pandemic. He’s serious about this. He said he’d drop off a check for at least four months rent at his landlord’s. Then he’d go camping off in the woods by himself. I guess if you don’t have contact with people, you don’t catch diseases. The guy has his gear and supplies all ready to go.



  1. They say lifestyle changes are one of the most important things to make when dealing with blood pressure.

    I know I am happier and more mellow when not dealing with the in-laws (well, I could deal with them, but the wife has restricted gun-play from the list of acceptable interactions...) and other people.

    May the Lord bless them and keep them, far far away from me.

  2. Much of our stress is self inflicted. Staying in a job having lousy coworkers or mean bosses or unreasonable demands. But I have to pay the bills so I stay. And take the misery.

    Some of my in-laws are nice and fun to interact with. Unfortunately, they live far away. The two close byin-laws are pita. We just avoid them as much as possible.

  3. I generally get along well with my in-laws. Of course, generally they are 2000 miles away.

  4. You also know to avoid talking politics.