Sunday, February 9, 2020

Future Travels

It’s been a good time here in the Ocala and I’m glad we’ve got a few more days in this campground. My lovely wife has booked a day in a campground near St. Augustine. The plan is to connect with her sister there. After that our plans have not been firmed up. She did come up with an interesting idea.

Her thought is for each of us, separately, to come up with travel ideas for the rest of the season. Once we’ve got them written down, we’ll compare and see how much overlap we have. Then we’ll come up with an action plan by combining everything. I’ll let you know how that works out.

This whole season we’ve been pretty much flying by the seat of our pants. There were a few things we definitely wanted to do and we’ve done them or will soon. Our ideas for next winter and the winters after that are all over the place.

One idea is to travel far and fast with a very stripped down kit. My wife’s little car gets more than twice the gas mileage of the Blazer. That would make it feasible to travel further cheaply and we’d cover a lot more ground.

Another idea would be to acquire something like an Aliner trailer for greater comfort. We almost purchased one some years ago but took the path of buying a small sailboat instead. Only one thing can be towed at at time so the Aline plan was shelved . . . but not forgotten.

Speaking of boats, that’s another option. Buying a bigger towed sailboat would make it easier for us spend time on the water, yet avoid the costs of boat storage. Then again, we’d be committed to having a vehicle large enough to tow it.

A boat too large to tow has other fixed costs, like finding a place to store it on the off-season. Then there’s the issue that larger boats have larger problems and expenses. Of course, a more capable boat opens up more distant sailing destinations. Decisions, decisions.

There are other factors influencing us. Heath issues could be one. Last year my problems kept us from going anywhere. Right how our health is pretty good and we are working to make it better. Then there are huge outside issues like the state of the country and the world.

Do we hunker down at our homestead in the woods? What kind of bug out vehicle would be best if things suddenly go south? One thing about us, we are always willing to change plans at the last minute, depending on what’s actually going on. Too many people lack flexibility.

At any rate, it’s good to have options.



  1. Just my $.02, but I would buy a cargo van. It can tow most any boat you want.
    Add a couple cots and camping gear and you have a great and safe way to boon-dock camp. Meanwhile, while camping, save your money for another boat like the Richards (I think it was?) and you have the van to tow it.

    1. I don't know. Good suggestion, but I think our van days are in the past.

  2. Maybe when ya stop by again we can help you with some of our thoughts on travels and adventure.

    Finished firring out the living room. Got to do some wiring then can start stuffing insulation. With what's already up there , after adding the new stuff. We'll have about fourteen inches total.
    Then I gotta figure out how my lame ass can hang the drywall lol...little pieces I guess and lots of taping and mud...

  3. I switched from a van to a truck camper 5 years ago and wished I'd done it sooner. However, I already had the truck big enough to tow a 36 foot 5'r. There are some pretty light truck campers and you can still tow a boat if your truck can handle both loads.

    1. Another good suggestion. Haven't gone that route yet.