Sunday, February 16, 2020

Like mushrooms after a rain

The primitive camping side of Salt Springs has sprouted tents like mushrooms after a rain. I’ve never seen this section so packed. The RV section, with site power and water, is always full. Here on the non-electric side it’s often fairly empty. I’ve seen as little as four sites occupied.

There are a couple of factors contributing to the popularity. The big one is the fact that it’s a long holiday weekend. Most of the people are fairly local Florida folks. Another factor is the fact that there’s a Bluegrass festival just up the road.

We will be here until Monday. The key to booking campsites is to make sure you have a place for the weekend. Many Federal campsites have a lot of first come, first serve sites. You stand a much better chance of getting those in the middle of the week. Just make sure you book through the weekend. We hope to get a site not too far down the road.

In past years we changed campsites often. Three nights at the same place seemed like a long time. That was a good way to see a lot of country in a short period of time. This time we’ve been trying to stay in one place longer. Most sites we stay at have a two week limit and we’ve maxed that out a couple places. That cuts down on the setting up, tearing down, and saves us travel expenses.

We currently still plan on being down south for a couple months yet. When it’s -26 at home we feel little desire to go back. There are things that may cause us to cut our travel short, but so far it looks good for going the distance.



  1. If the Feds don't impose a national quarantine...
    No worries tho , the capitalists are firmly in charge with the Orange denier of all logical actions. What could go wrong with a two week incubation time.
    Doesn't it give you confidence , being around all those fellow asymptomatic campers...?

    1. I must admit, I look a bit cross eyed at anyone who sneezes. Keeping an eye on developments. Hope this doesn't send me home early. It's cold cold cold up there still. However, it's where my base of operations is.