Monday, February 3, 2020

Miracles of Miracles

I can’t believe it. The laptop that had gallons of water dumped on it appears to be working again. That has to be more a function of luck than anything else. All I did was pull the battery and flip the computer upside down overnight. Then it sat a day in the sun. Had the accident happen at home the case would have been pulled off and the innards dried off with a blow dryer. Those tools were not available out here in the campground.

One good day of sun made all the difference. Not only did the computer dry out, our solar electric battery situation is much improved. Nothing in the little refrigeration spoiled when it dropped in a low power mode.

The sun did a lot of good for my personal biological batteries too.

Today we are heading out of Alexander Springs. The plan is to stay in the Ocala for a bit longer, so we aren’t going far. We hope to meet up with my sister-in-law the same day my lovely wife gets her medications refilled. That might take a week or more to sort out.

One of my friends from up north was on the phone with me Sunday. There was a nasty cold going around back home. It was nice to miss out on that. With my damaged lungs colds linger and linger -sometimes until spring.

Still living the dream.