Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Back in condition

It was a long winter for the lovely wife and I. We had some physical setbacks. It doesn’t help that spring takes its own sweet time in the Great North Woods. However, spring is here and we are finally getting some halfway decent weather. That certainly improves our spirits.

I had a long recovery for a leg wound that kept me pretty immobile. It finally healed but I’m out of condition. I’ve been here before so I know what it takes to get back in shape -and I’m doing it. 

My lovely wife has been dealing with come chronic health issues for years. This past winter was bad for her also. It didn’t help that her truly excellent massage therapist moved away. She’s currently working with a top notch physical therapist and is already seeing positive results.

As you get older you can’t take things for granted. Thirty years ago I almost died and worked my way back from that. For two years I was too messed up to even drive a car. These current issues are nothing in comparison. 

A lot of people are dealing with health problems. Trust me when I say it’s worth doing the work to recover what you can. 


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