Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Small town life

There’s something special about living in a small town. 

I was about five miles from home when I got a flat tire on the scooter. I called my lovely wife. She immediately hopped in the car with a compressor and a patch kit. 

So there I was, just chilling on the side of the road. A pickup truck stopped. It was a friend of mine asking if I was all right. He decided to stop and visit. Then my lovely wife pulled up. A van pulled in behind her. It was a cousin, his wife and two of his kids. He happened to recognize all of us and wondered what was up.

So now we have four vehicles and bunch of people on the side of the road. A car with New York plates stops and the driver asks if everyone is okay. I assured him we were fine. 

If any more people showed up we’d need to set up a grill and start some burgers. 

Fortunately it only took a few minutes to put a plug in the tire pump it up. We broke up the party and headed home. 

That’s life in a small town.



  1. If that flat had occurred in a big city, most people would honk as they continued driving and you might gain a ticket as 'impeding traffic' if it took too long. Yeah, points for rural in that scenario. Glad to hear you were able to fix it right on the spot. Might be an idea to carry a patch kit on board if possible. A compressor may not be doable - or maybe yes, technology is remarkable these days.

    1. I usually keep a patch kit but had left it in the car when we had car tire issues. Also discovered my small hand pump would not fit on the rear tire. I'd only tested it on the front. The rear tire doesn't have much room due to the hub being bigger for the drum brake. Kit's back on the bike along with a 12 volt pump.

  2. I love small town life. People around here stop all the time. It does take some of the newer ones a few years to relax into actually talking to neighbours, but most of them get there eventually. I once got on our local email list to ask for a lift and I had dozens of offers within minutes. It was a 3 hour round trip!
    Try that in a big city.

    1. Out in a small town people do things for each other that you'd have to pay for in the city. It's part of how we survive out in the sticks.

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