Saturday, May 7, 2022

Suspect numbers

I live in a small town where people tend to know each other. I know a couple of people who are currently dealing with covid. One definitely was treated at the local hospital as she had difficulty breathing. However, when the official state covid numbers came out they showed our town with zero cases.

It could be there’s a delay before the cases are reflected in official numbers. It could also be that the numbers aren’t being reported -for whatever reason. 

The biggest drop in numbers happened right after the home tests became readily available. That makes sense as you no longer had to wait in a long line to get tested. Nothing worse than having to sit in your car for a long wait while feeling like crap. 

I’d like this whole thing to be over as much as the next guy. My concern is that we could get a pretty good sized resurgence long before the official numbers show it. I’m doing more things than when this first started, but not like pre-covid. Part of that is an abundance of caution. Another part is that I have a solid excuse for avoiding gatherings I don’t really want to go to in the first place. 


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