Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Not One Thing

People tend to get hyper focused on the crisis of the day. That’s understandable as more often than not that crisis is a real thing. The problem is, that crisis might not even be the worse or most pressing. Just being in the top of the news doesn’t mean it’s the top problem. 

There are a lot of things in motion right now. Covid seems to be holding on despite everyone mentally being done with it. War is on people’s minds. Threats of nuclear weapons is in the news. Inflation is going crazy. Fuel prices and availability are concerns. The list is endless. Monkey pox? Drought? Hurricanes? Alien invasion? Whatever. 

People can’t follow everything so they tend to focus on the things that interest them. It’s even natural to do so. The cloudy glasses of your own beliefs distort your vision. People see what they want to see. I’m  sure right now someone is blaming climate change on illegal immigrants. 

Nobody can watch out for every potential problem. It certainly doesn’t help that there are a lot of real major issues coming to a head right now. How does one keep from getting overwhelmed?

First of all, the basics don’t change. We all need food, shelter, clothing, and safety. Focus on those things. Changing conditions will dictate how those needs are provided. That’s what you have to watch out for. Also, remember that while your area of concern may be vast, your ability to affect things is limited. You can only do what’s in your means. Risks have to be weighed and compromises made. 

The trick right now is to keep your eyes and ears open. Pay attention to what’s actually going on rather than what you think is going on. It’s a tough mental exercise, but it could save your life. It’s said that generals always prepare for the last war, not the next one. Don’t be like them. Let the past inform you but not dictate your response. Old assumptions can cause trouble while everything is in flux. 

This blog post is pretty thin on specifics. It’s more about having the right attitude and being ready to adjust on the fly.



  1. The criminals in power in cahoots with their media whore accomplices constantly bombard all of us with a never ending stream of bullshiite and faux emergencies to keep us distracted, to scare us and to "justify" their never ending assaults on our freedoms.

    1. Plenty of real emergencies without needing pretend ones. Yes, our freedom scares politicians -of all stripes.