Saturday, May 21, 2022

Well that was stupid

Did you ever do something knowing it was a bad idea from the get go? Sometimes you just have to give into temptation.

So there I was putting a new tire on the scooter. Once again, I was fiddling around trying to set the bead. There’s a trick where you wrap a ratchet strap around the tire to squish it in the middle and made the sides set. It can be a fiddly thing sometimes but often works.

However, I’d been messing around outside for a couple hours. The black flies were swarming. They know when your hands are busy and you can’t swat at them. I literately had blood running down the side of my head from their bites. 

Then I came in for a minute to get another tool. That’s when I spotted a can of starter fluid left over from when I ran diesel engines. That’s when the temptation to do something stupid was too much. I geared up with eye protection, heavy gloves, the whole bit. I went back outside with the can of starter fluid and a very long lighter used for fireplaces. 

Yep, I used the starter fluid to explode the tire onto the rim. My first attempt I used a very small amount. Too small, as it turns out, but that was fine. Just a timy bit more did the job. A short while later the wheel was back on and going down the road. 

Sure, I got away with it, but I plead temporary insanity from the black flies. It’s a really really bad idea and a lot people get injured every year from this idiot method. If you decide to be stupid it’s on you, not me. 



  1. Years ago, I helped an old tire-buster with the flats on the large earth moving equipment on a project site. He'd us lighter fluid, when he had it, but gasoline was his replacement.

    I kept a shovel handy, since the fire would sometimes need some dirt to put out the flames.

  2. A large firecracker will also do the job. Somewhat safer too.

    1. What is it with guys and things that go boom? Never heard of the firecracker idea. Cool.

    2. Saw it done on YouTube YMMV LOL.
      Makes sense tho , sudden expansion of gases. Might even be somewhat safer ?

    3. Can't be more dangerous.