Thursday, May 26, 2022

Rise of the machines

I hate our mechanical overlords. An automated phone message came in letting us know that my lovely wife’s medication is ready. Just in case we missed that call, the same message came in the form of an automated text.

So I drive the 44 miles to the pharmacy. When I get there the place is locked up tight and lights are off. That was odd, frustrating, puzzling, and annoying. Okay. So maybe there was some sort of emergency and they had to close down all of a sudden????

Anyway, the next day the automated messages come in again. I decided that before driving all the way out there I’ll call first. So I call the pharmacy, and you probably guessed it, got a machine. It said I had more than three people ahead of me and to please hold. After about 15 minutes of that I’d had enough and hung up.

Then I called the main store and . . . yep . . . got another answering machine. However, this time an actual human eventually picked up. Turns out the pharmacy was closed for two days due to staffing issues. 

I asked why the darn robo calls kept going out. 

“Oh,we have no control over that.”

Say what? 

I’m stuck using this pharmacy because the more local ones don’t have the same discount medication program.  I keep getting assurances that more pharmacies will be in the program but nothing changes. 

A least I did the trip on the scooter so the gas cost was about $5. I’m heading out this afternoon to try again. I’m also going to use the scooter this time too. Wish me luck.



  1. at least they had your meds. my pharmacy has been out of my common bp med for over a week at least, closed the window, and say they don't have staff to hunt up my med. i'm running out soon. my bp is more than a nuisance, it keeps going up until something pops. not fun.

    1. It's tough and we only have so many options. My wife's meds made the difference between having a life and not being able to get out of bed. We aren't allowed to have any in advance either. Highly regulated. Hope you sort out your meds soon.

  2. Can you use a mail order service

  3. Just another instance of corporate America giving the little guy the finger.....because they can.

    1. We've got a choice between corporate Democrats or corporate Republicans. There are exceptions but not enough of them.

    2. Dems...GOP...two sides of the same corrupt coin.