Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Hurricanes around the corner

We are closing in on the official start of hurricane season again. This is the time of year when all the YouTube sailing people leave the Caribbean and head north. Besides not dying in a hurricane a big motivator is that their boat insurance gets canceled if they stay. Anyway, that’s how I usually become aware of hurricane season.

The weather folks indicate that conditions are favorable for a busy year. Dealing with hurricanes will be more expensive than normal. If you have to evacuate it’ll cost more to drive anywhere. Make sure you have enough gas in your car to get somewhere safer. 

Resources are in shorter supply across the board. You know that supply chain crap we’ve been dealing with? Well you can expect aid to be both sparser and later than usual. Expect to be on your own for a much longer period of time.

So what if you are nowhere near a hurricane area? It will still cost you. You think gas prices are high now? Just wait until the oil rigs in the Gulf are shut down. If we lose some key pipelines it’s going to be dicey. Supply shortages will cause serious price increases of essential items across the board. There are no huge warehouses full of stuff right now. 

The key takeaway from all this is that it’s not going to be your regular hurricane response. You will be on your own more often and for longer. It doesn’t matter how many hurricanes you’ve weathered in the past. This year promises to throw in a few twists.

Just a heads up while there’s still stuff on the shelves. 


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