Thursday, May 12, 2022

Nicks and scrapes

Did you ever spend way too long trying to fix something that should have been replaced? That took up way too much of my day. A while back I had to borrow my cousin’s compressor to set the bead on a scooter tire. The annoying thing about that is the fact there’s a big 240 volt compressor in my basement. 

The problem is that it had not run for years. Life gets busy. So I messed around with it. When power finally made it to the motor is made a lot of horrible screeching noises at first. Before that I thought I’d gotten the compressor to actually turn over. In the dark basement I did not notice that what I manged to do was to loosen the pulley on the spindle. The belt went back on for a test. When the motor finally kicked on it spun the pulley right off. 

At that point I decided I’d better get some more lights on in the basement. Taking a good look at the overall condition of the compressor I decided to finally junk it. Had I not been working in a dark cramped corner I’d probably had come to that conclusion sooner. Nicks and scrapes on the knuckles would have been avoided too. 

I can be frugal to the point of being stupid, but there comes a time. Tractor Supply had a nice cheap little compressor that can handle everything I’m doing right now. By the time all that was sorted out it was too late in the day to finish the job that required a compressor. 

Such is life.



  1. fugal is one thing, but.....
    my son is so tight, he will clime over a gate to avoid wearing the hinges out.
    he gets that from his mothers side.

    1. That's a good one. I just might steal it.