Saturday, May 14, 2022

Supply Disruptions

Back in the 70s being an independent trucker was a really good paying job. Even the freedom of the open road was still a thing. Now the pay is terrible. Too many companies have reduced trucker pay to the point where burger flipping looks good. Almost as bad, a trucker’s movements are followed in real time and all important decisions are made at the head office. 

That’s been going on for a considerable length of time. Now we have the complications of high fuel prices and parts shortages. High fuel prices is a worldwide situation. Those of us in the US have no reason to feel special about it. Same goes for inflation in general. Truck parts are delayed or canceled due to the on-going covid related supply disruptions. 

It’s really going to be an issue with food supply and prices. Modern industrial agriculture eats oil and spits out grain. Everything from farm equipment, to fertilizers, to pesticides, to process and delivery systems relies on oil. 

Sure, the war in Ukraine doesn’t help, especially for the general International oil markets. Fortunately for North America, we are pretty self reliant in energy these days. North America could isolate itself to a certain extent from International markets. 

Most people don’t realize it, but North America is in a massive reindustrialization at a frantic pace. Not everything will be in place in time so there will continue to be supply disruptions. 

That’s all big picture stuff. For the little guy it comes down to making sure to have the basics on hand. Being flexible is going to help too. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have a long commute in a big diesel pickup. Have a number of ways to heat or cool your home. You will probably have to get used to sweating in the summer and freezing in the winter. 

It’s going to to be an interesting ride. 



  1. All part of the plan to trash the economy and trim the population of intransigent patriots who pose a threat to the criminal lefts hold on power.

    1. Sorry Dan. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Sure, the blues haven't done much for the common man lately but what have the reds done? They are pretty good at setting people against each other, but besides that?

      Also, kinda hard to blame Biden for things affecting the whole globe. He can't be both a bumbling fool and an evil genius.

      So how do we all move forward in spite of our leadership?

    2. seriously? we WERE energy independent until the dims got in office. biden is giving away our fuel to europe to buy their cooperation in his ukraine debacle. he is a bumbling fool, being controlled by evil not-geniuses, and they will get many of us killed.

    3. If it takes higher US fuel prices to defeat Putin I'll suck it up like an adult. At least no one's shooting at us.

  2. I don't blame Biden for anything more than shi**ing his pants and groping kids. EVERYTHING happening now is part of a plan. A plan created by UNELECTED people and being implemented by elected puppets doing their bidding. The greenies who are part and parcel of the commie left have decided that there are too many humans on planet earth and they are going to remedy that situation. If that involves poisoning us with faux vaccines then they'll do that. If they have to starve us they will. If they have to freeze us by cutting off fuel supplies then bundle up. Anything and everything horrible that you can think of has already been imagined by them and will be implemented if they can find a way to do so.