Monday, May 23, 2022

Cordless Electric Chainsaw

A few years ago I picked a cheap cordless electric chainsaw. That poor little saw put up with a tremendous amount of abuse. Cheap little saws with 12 inch bars are not meant for sawing 20 inch oak trees. It did the job though, but after a couple of years of abuse the saw was pretty shot. 

So why am I not using a gasoline powered saw? In short, bad lungs. Chainsaws have dirty running little 2 stroke engines. With my hyper sensitive lungs that’s a problem. If my lungs get irritated I can cough hard enough to pass out -not recommended while holding a running chainsaw. 

I’ve owned a couple of 120 volt corded chainsaws. As long as the chain is kept sharp they work fairly well -especially if you special order more powerful saws than are commonly carried at your local store. 

You can get a permit from the Forest Service for dead and down firewood. I used to a Ford 250 diesel pickup running on waste veggie oil. I’d installed a  large inverter to power the corded electric chainsaw. The idea was that if the wood was more than the length of 100 foot extension cord it was too far to carry anyway. I miss that truck. 

This year there’s a lot of snow damaged trees to clean up on my property. Most of them are further than the corded saw can reach. I ordered a new Toro cordless chainsaw. A good friend has one and is very pleased with his. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I’m glad I won’t have to deal with mixed gas for a chainsaw. The electric saw can even be charged from my solar electric system. If that fails, there’s always the 3.5 foot long German crosscut saw. It’s a great saw, but I wouldn’t want to cut 10 cords of hardwood with it.



  1. I've got a low mileage '85 F250 diesel I'll make you a good deal on. Ran 3 years ago. Might need to take out a loan for the diesel cost from TX to New Hampshire.

    1. I'd be tempted except for two things. You nailed the first. The second is that my sources of free waste veggie oil have dried up.

  2. We have had good use with the Greenworx products. A pole saw most especially. So when local company had a coupon sale, we also picked up a chainsaw which uses same battery set up. Now we can have two charged up batteries, extending either's use.

    We are in extreme south, so do not use wood for heating. Cooking and yard - pasture maintenance - yes. So far, very happy - no more tempremental gasoline engines that leave you in the lurch.