Friday, May 27, 2022

Fuel savings and inflation

The high price of fuel has certainly changed the way I do things. Anything that reduces petroleum usage is worth considering. 

The obvious winner right now is the little Honda motor scooter. Even considering buying a new tire, some tools, and other parts, it has saved money. It gets over twice the gas mileage of the car and over four times the mileage of the Blazer. It came with a good sized top box and soft luggage. A whole week’s worth of groceries for three people easily fit on the scoot. Basically any errand that can be done on the scooter is being done on the scooter. 

The new electric Toro 60 volt chainsaw just came in. With the current price of heating oil a ridiculously small amount of fire wood will pay for it. There’s more wood than that in need of clean up within 100 feet of my house. 

Even the electric heater paid for itself and started saving money. That’s pretty amazing as electricity traditionally is one of the most expensive ways to heat in New England. The price of #2 heating oil is so high now that the numbers are much closer. Where I really save money is that I can concentrate heat in the part of the house where we are living. 

One of the next fuel saving projects will involve more insulation and a bit of building materials. Lumber is finally starting to come down a bit in price. Once the housing market tanks a bit more prices should take a big drop. 

Right now I’m lucky that I can scrap together some funds to do money saving things. It really takes money to save money. Time is working against us. The sooner changes are made the easier it will be to make them. 

So how long will this inflation last? We don’t really know. Wishful thinking says six months to a year. Personally, I’m planning for at least five years of inflation. If it’s shorter than that I will be thrilled. If it goes longer? Well, let’s start with a five year plan and see.



  1. Only things that beat inflation are precious metals and time.

    1. I know it's not Bitcoin. I used to think that firearms held their value pretty well but I've seen too many go for firesale prices when times are tight.