Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wheat shortages

Wheat shortages are popping up all around the world. When two major International wheat exporters are locked in battle it doesn’t bode well. Some places will do better than others.

Places like Egypt and Africa in general are trouble. Surprisingly, India just barely produces enough wheat for its internal use. What they’ve done is stopped any exports except for special humanitarian reasons. 

Of course, there is stress on all grains right now. Some are directly impacted and others will be in short supply as people try to substitute one grain for another. 

There probably won’t be serious shortages in Western Europe or the United States. Prices will shoot up, so be prepared for that. If you think food prices are high you ain’t seen nothing yet. There are other stresses on the food supply like drought and bird flu. Looking bad for your toast and eggs in the morning. 

My guess is that this will probably last about a year. Places where grains aren’t normally grown will be growing grain. There will be plenty of economic incentive to do so. 

As for myself, it looks like I’ll be stocking up on potatoes again. Potatoes don’t ship nearly as easily as grains so aren’t Internationally traded in huge volume. If potatoes are grown in your area it would be a good idea to stock up. Properly kept they’ll last a while. Better yet, grow you own. 

By the way, cooking oils are mostly made from grains. Keep that in mind if you are adding to food storage. You are going to need something to fry all those potatoes in.



  1. I'm as worried about the high possibility of diesel becoming too high in price for truckers to make it worth their while. All shipped goods will be affected by that. Clever thoughts on the cooking oil - need to get on that. We keep several types, only single bottles of it and nearly all of them kitchen wall cabinet sized.

    Funny how all of these projected shortages are occurring simultaneously.

    1. Nothing like a pandemic followed by a war among grain producers to speed up collapse.

  2. Less than half the soybeans and other grain crops normally planted by this time every year have been planted . That's a recipe for massive food shortages soon