Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hurricane Ian

Buckle up buttercup. This one looks bad for Florida. It’s going to hit Florida as a major hurricane. The west coast of Florida and the Panhandle may take the brunt of it. That’s a lot of Florida. It will be a major rain maker over a much larger area. That’s a real problem in a part of the country where elevation is measured in inches, not feet.

I know the west coast of Florida fairly well. My lovely wife and I sailed small boats up and down the west coast. The coast is pretty low and wide open in a lot of areas. There’s not much to provide any protection. We love the Gulf side of Florida. It a bit more laid back than the east coast. 

Tampa Bay is going to be a problem. That area hasn’t been hit by a major storm in some time. It’s been built up a lot since. No matter where the storm makes landfall, the sea rise and rainfall will cause major problems. 

People in the potential path of the storm should have really assessed their situation by now. Personally I’d already be on my way to western Kentucky. If you wait until the last minute there’s a much greater chance of things going wrong. Fuel could run out. Traffic jams and accidents cause delays. If your vehicle has a mechanical problem you need time to fix it or find other options. 

Once this passes through Florida the danger won’t be over. All that energy has to go somewhere. There will be flooding over a good part of the Southeast and probably into the Mid-Atlantic coast. It’s too early to predict how that will sort out so people in those areas best stay informed.



  1. She-it , spent a couple days setting up my tent camp out in the boonies. Ten by twenty canopy, fifteen by ten wall tent and a eleven by ten screen room. About nine miles of rope and thirty long screw anchors...? Because , well it's Florida during hurricane season. Takes a lot to keep a tent up this time of year , and that's just for the normal afternoon squalls !
    All that work setting this morning we're heading out to tear it all down...have to use the Honda four wheeler to haul it all out, because the whole camping area has about six inches of standing water in it, mud city ! Got to use the camp for one whole day....
    No worries at the house tho. The whirlygirl has to cross the state to get here. So , just a big rain maker and a bit of wind.
    Not so at the camp area , predicted high winds there...

    1. All that canvas would turn into tree decorations. Dang, that's a lot of work for nothing. Hunting season starts next month here. I'll be based out of my house, so that's easy. Good luck!

    2. Amazing , how what took two days , to set up...only took two hours to take down...two weeks from now we'll be able to clean it all and dry it out lol.
      Yup we'll also be hunting based from the house, the rest of this season lol.

    3. I'm glad you were able to secure all your gear.

      I'm going to wait until Monday to hit the woods. Let the weekend warriors do their thing. Besides, I promised my lovely wife we'd do something Saturday.

  2. It's long range forecast is unpredictable. It could do exactly that.

  3. And the voice from the sky said, "Build a Bigger Canoe."