Friday, September 23, 2022

Made my choice

Last Monday I got the new covid booster. You do what you want. I used to argue vaccines with people but I don’t anymore. Some of the people I argued with are now dead so I guess I won that argument? Don’t feel good about it though. 

There people who have very valid reasons for not getting the vaccines so there’s no need to shame anybody. You do what you want.

My reaction to the new vaccine was a bit worse than the previous versions. Got the shot on Monday and my arm was a bit sore at the injection site, but not sore enough to take anything for it. Tuesday I felt a bit under the weather. It was like the way you feel when you are just starting to get a cold but aren’t really sick yet. Wednesday most of that feeling was gone. By Thursday I was 100%. Previous shots just gave me a powerful need to take naps. 

Here’s the thing, I’m not normally big on getting vaccines. I don’t get the flu shot. However, I’m in enough high risk categories that it made sense to me to take a chance on the covid vaccines. When I actually caught covid while in Texas felt like five days with a mild cold. Beats the heck out of dying. 



  1. I only took the 1st two and have no plans to take any boosters. I only took them to placate my boss, who was scared of unvaccinated infecting others. Funny thing is, the only people in the office who caught Covid later were already vaccinated. Only speaking of two individuals so not a lot of information to make a conclusion.

    Its really strange how this Covid effects individuals so differently. One with minor symptoms, others requiring hospitalization.

    I don't think I've ever had Covid, actually only catch cold maybe twice a year. Haven't had the flu since I was a kid and never had a flu shot. I'm near 60 years of age, have an artificial heart valve so I guess I fit one of the 'riskier individuals' too. But I'm not too worried, I don't wear a mask in public and wash my hands frequently.

    1. We make our own choices. I like to wear a mask as I noticed I didn't get my seasonal colds like I normally do. That makes it worth it right there.

  2. Live free or die friend. That's our state motto.

    Your well informed about illegal immigration, Ukraine war and such so I assume you researched the VAERS data to see whose dying from COVID. Maybe the UK data?

    2 years seems a long time to be using "Emergency Use Only" No Lawsuits allowed by protection, don't you think?

    As a thought, before I left the Operating room about two years ago when I took off my mask, I was required by health and safety rules to toss it into a Biohazard trash bag to be burnt at some crazy hot propane burning Biohazard furnace.

    But I notice nobody sees their COVID mask as a Biohazard. Odd that.

    I pray your one of the lucky ones friend.

  3. If you’ve had Covid do you think you might already have natural immunity? A good site to read is Steve kirsch newsletter. He is double vax’d but the. Began researching. He posts some good questions for the CDC who refuse to answer.

    1. I got covid after two shots and one booster. The Omicron version had just come out and everyone in that part of TX was sick. However, there were no home tests available there so few knew what they had. My daughter in VT mail a couple down to me. That's how I knew for sure I had it. I've got frail lungs from my firefighting days and struggle with normal colds. This disease could have killed me, I'm pretty sure.

  4. It's your body/It's your funeral. ALL the evidence shows the vax does nothing to prevent the illness and TONS of evidence shows that it can and often is harmful.
    And all for a disease that realistically isn't any more dangerous to the vast majority of us than influenza. And for the record...I DID go to medical school and I AM qualilfied to talk about it.

    1. Okay then. I know it's not risk free, but I weighed the risks and read way too many scientific papers than I wanted to.