Friday, September 30, 2022

Part Deux

As of the time of this blog Hurricane Ian is heading out to sea. It’s projected to come back and hit somewhere near the GA/SC border. Ian could be either a strong tropical storm or even a low grade hurricane. Judging from what I know of the area, my guess is that flooding will be the main issue. Drainage in the Low Country is poor at the best of times. 

But wait, there’s more. The weather makers out in the Atlantic and the Caribbean are still active. There’s the possibility of more strong hurricanes. Hurricanes are not limited to one per customer.

Ian made landfall on the island of Cayo Costa. There’s a nice state park there (or was there, don’t know for sure yet.) After my dad passed away in Florida my lovely wife and I bought at a sailboat and spent a week anchored in Pelican Bay. It was a good peaceful place to get my head together. We’d paddle the kayak to the park and hit the beautiful beaches. The dog got to walk on the forest roads. Dolphins visited us every day. I’ve fond memories of the place. I hope they will be able to restore it. 

We are still waiting to hear how our friends in the area made out. Communications are spotty right now.  There’s one couple who might have tried to wait it out at their place in Nokomis. I hope they went somewhere safe. 

We had a pretty mild hurricane season until now. Ian ended that with a bang. 



  1. Just got our power back yesterday (Friday) afternoon. It was only a cat 1 when the eye came through here. However the eye wall sent a mini twister our way and ripped out that huge tree that sat between the chicken coop and my shed. It didn't touch either one ! Came down on the neighbors shed tho, squished it flat !
    We were out at Holopaw tent camping last week and got ten inches of rain while there. Heard the storm was going to come in the back door ... So broke down everything and beat feet back to the house Tuesday. Didn't have time to do anything to prepare the house , but it came through fine.
    Weird , was hot and humid . Now is 65° yesterday morning and upper seventies later in afternoon. Today is supposed to be nice , along with the rest of the week yay ! Summer is officially broken for awhile...

    1. Well that was an adventure. Holly crap! Amazing that the twister only snagged your tree. What are the odds? Glad you guys are doing well. I've heard from most of the folks we know in FL and they are fine. One had minor damage from a tree but a neighbor's place was rubbed out. Go figure.