Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Property in Florida

My parents retired to Florida some years ago. I was offered a “free” trailer in a retirement park when my dad passed. I politely refused. The monthly park fees and maintenance would have been a real strain on the budget. Don’t even get me started on the price of Florida insurance. 

Another Florida option we seriously considered was to keep a boat in Florida year round. We’d live on it during the cooler months and put it on the hard during the summer. That would have been less expensive than the whole trailer set up -if we picked our boatyard carefully. However, we’d still be worried about it during hurricanes. 

Right now we rather like just being visitors to the state. There’s some excellent camping, especially in state and Federal parks. We also enjoy bringing our sailboat to Florida. It would be nice to have a slightly bigger one, but it would still have to be trailerable. It’s pretty hard to avoid a 500 mile wide storm sailing in a boat that goes 6 knots. On a trailer a boat could 60 knots down the highway. When it’s time to get out of Dodge speed is a virtue. 

My lovely wife and I have spent a lot of time in Florida, but we don’t want to own anything there. It’s difficult when home base is way up in New Hampshire. One more thing. If you think Florida property insurance is high now, just wait until the bills come in from Hurricane Ian.

Hope my Florida readers have evacuated to safety or are well hunkered down. 



  1. There's a reason that the saying "Head for the hills," is a thing.

  2. There's something about being 'high and dry'. I don't even have flood insurance.

  3. I'm at 1200 feet. If we flood things will be so bad in the world that insurance won't help.

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