Monday, September 26, 2022

Up on the mountain

Over the weekend I visited a friend who lives in a neighboring state. While I live out in the woods, he really lives out in the woods. At least I get some basic services. He’s so far out in the woods that the only traffic is from hikers. 

Many years ago I helped set him set up his first solar electric system. It was tiny, but since his only other electric power came from a 1000 watt generator, it was a help. Now he has a much upgraded solar  electric system and a more powerful backup generator. 

There is no cell phone service. To communicate to the outside world he has a Hugesnet satellite system with their phone option. It’s a big power draw on his off-grid power so he’s looking into Starlink. In the past he just remained isolated, but now has responsibilities. People need to get in touch with him. 

The cabin has gravity fed spring water and wood heat. He put in a fairly large propane refrigerator. His partner likes to freeze a lot of berries and they needed the freezer space. 

Gardening is a problem. There are so many wild animals that it’s a real struggle to keep them from eating everything. They harvest a lot of berries and apples, but that because they produce so heavily that even the bears can’t eat everything. 

It was good to get together, hang out around the campfire, and eat some burgers. It was nice to see what they’ve done with the place. 



  1. Sort of sounds like they are slowly going back on a partial, "grid".

    1. They are building their own grid, one panel at a time.

    2. How long does it take for "Their" grid to become part of "The" grid?

    3. Probably never. They really up at the end of a dirt road up the side of a mountain far from power lines.