Thursday, September 29, 2022

Last out of Dodge

I can’t help but watch the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian. You really do not want to get caught in the cross hairs of something like that. It got me thinking about  bugging out in general. 

If you leave early there’s a whole lot less drama. There’s time to get your plans in order. Any outstanding business can be dealt with ahead of time. The roads have normal traffic. There’s fuel available. Restaurants are open. Hotel rooms are available. 

If you are late to the party you aren’t bugging out. You are a refugee. Some years ago my sister-in-law and her family waited until the last minute to evacuate from a Texas hurricane. The spent hours stuck in traffic. They had no resources. If it wasn’t for a church group that took them in they’d have been in really bad shape. As it was an already stressful situation became even more stressful.

There’s a YouTube channel I was following. The guy is a Russian opposed to Putin’s war. For months people were advising him to leave Russia. When the reservist call up was announced it got real to him. The fact that a guy in his late 40s could be called up finally got him moving. Good thing he was relatively well off by Russian standards. In US dollars it took him about $2000 to wrap up his affairs in Russia. A plane ticket to Uzbekistan cost him $5,000. The five guys in front of him were stopped at the airport from leaving. By the grace of God he was allowed on the plane. (I’m guessing it took a few other things too.)

Getting out at the last minute is extremely stressful. There’s only one thing worse. Being one of those who don’t make it out at all.



  1. I agree - getting out quicker than most will solve a lot of headaches. The problem is the timing is NEVER convenient.

    You are thinking of bugging out, but you have parents or friends dependent on your presence. These people depend on local medical care they are familiar with and do not want to leave, so they decide to stay. Do you tell them good luck and walk away ?

    A spouse with a occupation she is attached to also has issues leaving. Do you decide to separate from her because of this ?

    Family connections really make this leaving difficult for some. For the single / divorced person, much easier to leave for better (hopefully safer) surroundings.

    1. That's why you work our your response ahead of time.

  2. A year early is better than an hour late.

    1. Then you are able to sell your home in a disaster prone area while there is still people who'll buy it.

  3. Bugging out is like getting a shot, it only hurts for a little while.