Monday, February 6, 2023

Frozen again?

I heard from a friend in Maine. While he got through the deep freeze in good shape, many of those around him didn’t. Their issues range from power outages, to furnace failure to lots of frozen and burst pipes. Then there were those who converted to heat pumps, only to discover the limits of heat pumps. In short, it can get too cold for heat pumps to work at all. 

My supply line froze again. The second time around around it only took about 30 minutes to thaw it. All the tools I needed were out and ready. 

It didn’t make sense that it would freeze again so I did a deeper inspection. It turns out the heat tape I put on the supple line had failed. It could have failed weeks ago but our temperatures were mild enough for it not to be an issue. There’s plenty of winter left so I’m replacing the heat tape. 

This cold snap got me thinking about Ground Hog Day -the tradition, not the movie. When I was a kid I always thought the six more weeks of winter was supposed to be the good outcome. Only six more weeks, what an early spring that would be! The ice doesn’t normally leave the lake here until the third week on April or so. Sometimes it extends into May. 

That doesn’t mean I won’t have my scooter out before then.



  1. I suppose 6 more weeks depends on where in latitudes your living. Things tend to be relative.

    1. Of course I figured that out when I got a little older, but it's funny how ideas stick with you as a kid.

    2. I put a hit out on the Rodent. He lies.

    3. So that explains what happened to the one in Canada that died on Groundhog Day.

    4. I can not deny or defend things that I may or may not be privy to. 80)