Wednesday, February 1, 2023

To simplify

Marie Kondo made a career of coaching people to simplify and tidy their lives. You were supposed to get rid of anything that did not bring you joy. 

Something drastic happened to her. Her house is no longer tidy. So what happened? She had three kids. 

Anybody who’s had kids knows what happens to your house. It is no longer a house for adults. It’s a house for kids. Kids play. Heck, it’s important to their development that they play. Their toys will not be isolated to a single room. If you are lucky you won’t step on a Lego with bare feet in the middle of the night. Odds are you will. 

In the end,  even the Queen of Clean could not conquerer the clutter of kids. 

Fortunately my lovely wife never got caught up in that tidy madness. For a lot of couples it seems like the wife would decide it was the husband’s things that didn’t bring her joy. I’ve seen my lovely wife’s craft room so that wasn’t going to fly. 

One person’s clutter is another person’s resources. While I’m not a hoarder I do like to have materials to work with. If something needs to be repaired I don’t go running to the hardware store. I poke around my junk piles and see what might do the job. A little cutting, a little welding, a bit of a paint, and stuff gets fixed. 

My organization goals don’t involve getting rid of stuff. My goal is to have better organized junk piles 



  1. You and I have very much the same philosophy. When the kids, "youngest" finely decided to part with mom and dad's company, We never bothered to recapture, yet, the semblance of serene clean that some crave. Time, and the **it's get in the way. 80)