Saturday, February 4, 2023

So far so good

This blog post is being written late in the day on February 3. 

So how are we doing with the deep freeze? Overall, pretty good. 

Right now it’s -22, without the wind chill. During the afternoon the furnace had difficulty. In spite of running straight out the furnace was losing ground. That was due to the high winds combined with the cold. The wind was blowing from across the lake and not much slowed it down. As the wind died down the house became cozy again. 

As of this writing we still have the grid, so that’s a bonus. 

I didn’t venture outside. Frostbite takes about a minute to set in during these conditions. Saturday is supposed to be cold, but it’ll warm up Sunday. We’ll be back in the high 30s by then and that’ll be down right balmy.



  1. My brother in law up the street cannot get his truck started, battery dead. Offered to come up with jumper cables, said no, doesn't want to "Bother me", but may call me later if the charger doesn't do it.

    I started both my vehicles late last evening and moved the oldest battery into garage by my sweetheart's suggestion. Newer car this am hesitated but started.

    6 Bear did you test start your vehicle? It's getting almost balmy here +2 degrees :-)

    1. I don't have to go anywhere until Sunday -so I didn't try and start the vehicles. It's supposed to be warmer then.

  2. It made a good excuse to stay in bed today. Fortunately my furnace is in the basement and with the help of space heaters is doing ok. Tomorrow will be another, yet warmer day.

    1. Once this cold snap passes we should be good for the foreseeable future.