Sunday, February 5, 2023

Frozen supply line

I woke up Saturday morning to a frozen water supply line. It was -22 and the wind had been howling all night long. Dang. 

It took a couple of hours but I was able to thaw the line. It’s a process. The supply line is black plastic pipe so warming it with a torch is a bad idea. The pipe has a splice about 4 feet off the ground. It’s taken apart there and a smaller diameter hose is snaked down to the blockage. The other end of the hose has a funnel attached. 

A big kettle of water is heated up. The hot water is pored down the funnel and through the hose. The hot water slowly melts the ice blockage. The hose spewing hot water is slowly worked down the supply line until all the ice is gone. 

Once the ice is thawed the splice is reconnected and we are good to go. Then it’s safe to turn the well pump back on. 

Normally I only have to do this if the house has been shut down for part of the winter. At least I have a procedure that works. 


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