Monday, June 5, 2023

Home on the range

One of the things I miss is having a gun range right behind the house. There used to be nothing back there for thousands of feet. Should a round somehow miss the backstop there was nothing and no one for a long long way. 

Then some bozo decided to develop the land. They came in from the far side and put a thousand feet of road towards my place. The only lot that got built on was the one at the end of that road. It was still a fair distance from my range, but why take chances?

It didn’t help that the road around the lake went from very few full time residents to a fair number of full timers. Then there was the guy who’s hyper dog would run under his bed and wet itself every single time it heard a gunshot. I kinda felt bad when he told me about his stupid dog. 

So now all I have there is an archery range. It’s quiet and no one complains. 

It’s about a five mile drive to a nice huge sandpit where shooting is allowed. While it’s not as convenient as crossing the street to shoot, I make it work. Now target shooting is more of an event. I usually meet up with friends. We bring folding tables, chairs, spotting scopes, targets, snacks and coffee. Good fun all around. Come to think of it I’m a bit overdue for a good session. 



  1. Time to go out and play, and I never feel bad about the neighbors dog.

  2. My dog grew up on a building site and was fine with any noise until about 3 y.o. Almost overnight, she became a complete sook. Thunder - under the desk. Power tools - barks at us madly for daring to use them. Using piezo to light oven - barks again. Gunfire and she is a shivering mess, under the desk and inconsolable. I have to lend her to friends when I want a shooting session at home!

  3. Replies
    1. I once had a dog that was so gun shy it was 7 miles down the road before I caught up with it. Another dog I had to keep in the house if we went target shooting. When a shot was fired it would run downrange looking for the rabbit.