Saturday, June 10, 2023

Will Trump go to jail?


Okay, he’s been indicted. There a number of other legal cases in the works. This is most likely the first set of indictments. 

Of course an indictment is not a conviction. I’m going to assume that at least one of those cases will stick. There are serious charges and prosecutors have been meticulous preparing their cases. 

If convicted will he go to jail?

Even then it’s a maybe. Mr Trump has always pushed for delay after delay. Expect him to make use of every appeal available. It’s possible he just might run out the clock until he dies from natural causes. 

I’m not sure Mr. Trump will ever go to jail for his crimes. However, plenty of his supporters have already gone to jail. More will be doing time. I am amazed he can still inspire people to break the law for him. Well, he always was a salesman. 

I know this might not be the most popular post, but lets see how it plays out down the road.



  1. If he were a regular citizen such as ourselves, He'd be in jail already. Corruption and money travel deep circles. Richard Condon may have been a profit.

  2. Yes, John your correct, it costs Millions of dollars to fight Taxpayer paid for lawyers to defend themselves.

    You and I like a poor sharecropper in the deep south would just have do DO TIME because some politician decided to hire shysters to bring us to court. We don't have millions of dollars AND People who believe we are innocent enough to PAY for such a massive ONGOING Legal Bill.

    Would you be happy if Trump is found dead in one of the "most secure Prision's" in NYC like Epstein?

    BTW WHERE IS EPSTINES CLIENT LIST anyway? Seems He died to keep it a secret, eh? Some rich political types paid big money to rape and murder children. But they WRITE THE LAWS and own the FBI eh?

  3. Epstein ended through an act of collected Karma. His actions led him to his end. Trump should be paraded naked through the streets with the sign, "It's not my fault" stapled to his head, then face a jury of his peers. Not Russian ones. If he is convicted and goes to jail for his crimes I believe he should be convicted as an ex representative of the United States and given an appropriate sentence. Since we were technically still at war, he should be shot by a firing squad. However, I'm just an old vet who remembers simpler times. And all this talk of mine isn't really good for an almost Buddhist's Karma either. Not a good one mind you, almost. 80)

  4. If getting murdered was Karma good news.

    I'd take your punishment for Trump in peace IF the rest of Congress and most of the hidden rulers THAT DID ENJOY EPSTINES pleasure palace were to die suddenly of Karma.

    Word on the street is that would reduce the DC political-Law Enforcement-Spy population by about 65 %. Folks with such sordid tapes on them are easy to control.

  5. This gentleman said it very well:

    So About Trump's Second Indictment
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    .... I don't care.

    I should, of course. We all should. But I don't.

    I don't because nobody else has for thirty years when it comes to wild-eyed felony violations of the law, each carrying ten years in prison for each and every person involved, that occur by the tens of thousands every day. I'm talking about 15 USC Chapter 1 and violations that, collectively, amount to roughly 15% of the entire federal budget, all of which every one of us pays for, and another several trillion in "private" spending which we also pay for via crazily-hiked "insurance" premiums and similar. We pay for it in $500 medications that cost $10 anywhere else in the world, procedures that are billed at a thousand percent over what they cost anywhere else in the world, we're billed at different rates depending on who your insurance carrier is, which for most people is not a choice they actually have (it comes through their job) and more.

    I also don't care because on the same day this indictment was announced it was also announced that the FBI has had hard evidence for the past three years that both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden himself took $5m in bribes each and the target of same was explicit policy actions by the government which, I remind you, Joe Biden bragged about on national television -- yet he still sits in the Oval Office instead of a federal prison. There is every reason to believe that the cover-up of this is why there is a war in Ukraine right now and is directly why tens of thousands are dead, infrastructure has been destroyed and tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money have gone to waste prosecuting same.

    Never mind that Biden committed the very same offense according to the record, the FBI knew it, and covered it up before the midterm elections; they knew Biden had classified documents in multiple places he had no right to possess -- including in his garage.

    We, the people of this nation, have allowed this, along with the original coup in Ukraine, where literal murder took place at Maidan and members of our government, including sitting Senators, cheered same on, to occur -- all while our current President was vice-President and Obama, who was President at the time presided over that entire sordid mess and yet he too is still a free man.

    So...... do I care that the government has done this?


    We didn't care enough to do anything about any of the above for three decades, a million Americans are dead over the last three years because of said medical monstrosity, tens of thousands of Russians and Ukranians are dead because of what our government has done over there, we have a sitting Senator who on camera stated that the killing of Russian soldiers was a "great investment" and our current sitting President appears to have taken a five million dollar bribe which the FBI knew about three years ago, prior to the election for the specific purpose of actual corrupt purpose WHILE IN OFFICE, they have done nothing about it and the American people have let all this go on for decades.

    So pardon me while a very rich liar who promised to de-fang said medical monopolists as not one but three of his platform planks, got elected in no small part because of that promise, and then on election night they disappeared never to be seen again is abused by..... that very same Just-US system.

    He had his opportunity to stop all of that crap, did not do so, and so have all of us.

  6. I just want to know if the gallows the January 6 insurrectionists set up is still available.

    1. Hey Patrick. Short and to the point. I'm smiling.