Thursday, June 1, 2023

People are moving

People are leaving states where they no longer feel safe. That seems so weird to me. When my friends got out of school they moved to where the jobs were. Then never thought that they might be of the wrong political persuasion or in a random group the legislatures decided to hate. Of course, most of my friends were white so that helped -sad to say.

Still, it’s gotten worse now. 

Frankly, if your politicians are busy trying to tell people how to live something’s wrong. They should be concerned about things like the economy. Rather than single out groups of people to hate shouldn’t they be trying to make life better for everyone in their state? 

There are a lot of people I don’t understand. So what? How they live is none of my business as how I live is none of theirs. 



  1. If only humanity was as tolerant as you 6 Bears.

    There'd be almost no warfare (resource wars still occur) politicians would mostly wither away for lack of "Issues" to run upon and divide people over.

    But then again here we are. So, I must suppose really tolerant people are a minority.

  2. There are a few places, (states) I would avoid my self for the reasons you've stated. It's not like it was when we were kids. Back then people just tended to accept things as they were. Now...It has become an old, old story...

    1. Things can get better. As I get older I probably should be more cynical and bitter but I actually find myself more hopeful.